Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
Image Credit : Nasa
Global Map Of Saturn's Moon, titan moon facts(Image Credits : NASA)
Global Map Of Saturn’s Moon (Image Credits : NASA)

Saturn’s largest moon is a titan and it is the second-largest natural satellite in our solar system. So, here are some of the facts about Saturn’s Moon Titan. There is some evidence that shows that the surface of Titan has water bodies. Titan is twice in size as Earth’s moon in diameter and 80% more massive. It is larger than Mercury. Titan is mainly composed of ice and rocky material. Titan also has a dense atmosphere similar to Venus and hence it becomes difficult to understand the surface of the Titan. Later in 2004 Cassini-Huygens mission provided new information about Titan. So, the surface of Titan is real smooth with few craters (due to impacts) with few mountains and cryovolcano.

The atmospheric composition of Titan is mainly nitrogen, about 97%, and the rest methane and hydrogen. It also has similar weather patterns to our Earth. The diameter of Titan is half the size of Earth and nearly as large as Planet Mars. From the above facts, the main fact about Saturn’s moon Titan is that it has no magnetic field around it. There are some possibilities that Titan can be habitable in the future. If our Sun becomes a red giant, this will increase the temperature of Titan and this will somehow stabilize the oceans on the surface of Titan. When Sun becomes a red giant the emission of UV rays will decrease and this will ultimately create the greenhouse effect. This will result in conditions similar to Earth on Titan.

The surface pressure on Titan is slightly more as compared to Earth’s surface pressure. The Earth’s pressure at sea level is 1 bar while on Titan it is 1.6 bars. The internal structure of Titan is not entirely known, but the data gathered from mission 2004 suggests that Titan has 5 layers. The innermost layer is the core of the silicate rock. Above the core is the layer of ice (high-pressure ice layer). The high-pressure ice layer is surrounded by a layer of salty liquid water. And this salty layer is surrounded by water ice, this surface is coated with organic molecules.

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