Mon. Jul 19th, 2021

Amazon introduced a new payment method on Tuesday, called Amazon One. Payment can be done by just waving your hand. As we are going through this pandemic situation amazon came up with this idea, which allows users to pay with zero contact to the surface.

The image show new payment method by amazon "Amazon One"
Image Credits : Amazon

First, you need to insert the credit card in the slot. Later you need to wave your hand on the scanner to associate your palm signature with the payment mechanism. Once the card is in their system, then payments can be done by just holding the palm above the “Amazon One” device.

Amazon plans to use this technology at the entering locations of stadiums. This tech can also be used at the offices instead of IDs. According to Dr. Basel Halak, Palm-based identification is based on capturing the pattern of Veins. These patterns are different for each finger. As they are hidden underneath the skin it becomes very difficult to breach.

We all are familiar with biometric authentication, smartphones do come with this tech. But to do so you need to touch the surface of the scanner. Biometric scanners cannot be used in the current scenario, especially in public places, as the risk arises of transferring the virus to others. But with Amazon’s new tech money can be transferred securely with zero contact to the surface.

Dr. Halak further states that this new option is more private as it is difficult to recognize someone by just looking at the image of the palm.

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