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bio weapon
bio weapon

Many rumors are floating around, during this period of pandemics about the “bioweapons”. Some evidence suggests that the CoVID is a bio weapon, well it may be true or may not be. Let’s just stay away from the controversy by skipping this topic. People out there who don’t know what bioweapon actually is, let’s summarize; “A harmful living substance used to cause death or damage to people, animals, and crops is a bio weapon”.

We have often seen in the movies people turning into “Zombies” due to the outbreak of a dangerous virus. This specifically happens when scientists are carrying out their studies regarding it. And there’s always one bad guy who wants mass destruction as he/she may have personal intentions behind it. If such a thing happens in real life then the antidote is the only key to survival. In the current scenario, the vaccine is the only option to prevent getting infected from the CoVID. As of today, the USA is using supercomputers to determine from where the CoVID has originated. The obtained results from these supercomputers will give answers to a lot of unsolved mysteries related to CoVID.

BWC 1972

Under Customary International Humanitarian Law and Several International Treaties offensive, Biological Warfare is prohibited. The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) 1972 bans the development, production, acquisition, transfer stockpiling, and use of biological weapons. Hence, the use of Bio Weapons or bioagents in conflicts is a war crime. Under the list of weapons of mass destruction comes the Biological, Chemical, Nuclear, and Radiological weapons by type. As these weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction (WMD) None of these weapons are considered conventional weapons. The main purpose behind the use of these weapons is, that they have explosive properties.

The use of the bio weapon is very dangerous as it can be used to gain an advantage over the enemy. This weapon can be targeted against a single individual, an entire group, or an entire population. These weapons can be lethal or non-lethal. If this weapon is used for the above purpose it can wipe out the entire population of a particular nation. In the year 1763, the British army attempted to use smallpox against Native Americans. Later on, there was an outbreak and many Native Americans died between 1763 to 1764. As the years passed the advancements were seen in bacteriology. Hence risk increased as they may be used as bioagents in wars.

Why the use of Bio Weapon is risky

The Bio Weapon is a)easy to use, b)economical, and c)difficult to detect. As, it qualifies all the parameters i.e, a, b, and c. There is a chance that it can be easily misused. This was the main reason behind the formation of the 1972 act. Now suppose a group of terrorists somehow get a deadly virus. Then they plan to deploy it to a certain area of the city maybe a whole country. This is the easiest way cause it may take time to show its effects. As the incubation period may last up to 7 days. Hence, during this period the group of terrorists will get a sufficient amount of time to plant it and escape without letting anyone know.

If by any chance there is an outbreak then it won’t take much time. The people will get infected at a faster rate and eventually people will die. The level of destruction is unimaginable. Even if we find a possible solution or antidote, the medical facilities will reach their limits. Then we will be forced to choose who will die and who will survive. Due to this continuous rise in numbers, our health systems will collapse and the death rate will rise. Many people will lose their loved ones. This situation is similar to the situation which we are facing right now. However, now we have some improvements in health systems and now we do have vaccines. By taking vaccines many lives can be saved but at the same time, you should be cautious. You should take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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